Members/Toys Members/Toys Benjamin Phillips - First Solo 4/8/2019 Congratulations to Benjamin Phillips, one of our youngest members of EAA Chapter 807 on his first solo flight! Benjamin is a senior at Graves County High School and will be entering the Aviation Program at EKU this fall. 205655931 Bo Here's a really nice Bonanza F33A...JC calls her Bo. 205633862 Slow Hawk She may not be very fast but she's a beauty...JC let her go to buy Bo. 205633863 Todd D Here's our VP Todd Drenkhahn's Luscombe...she's a nice one too. 205633864 GC-C152 George Cumbee and his Cessna. 205633914 GC-Arrow George Cumbee and his Piper Arrow 205633915 Dragonfly Russell Austin's Viking Dragonfly...we have seen this plane fly-in for our monthly meetings quite often. 205633917